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SPL has pioneered a new concept in high quality piano restoration through the unique SPL Leasing Program.

SPL Fine Musical Instruments







"Music is the universal language of mankind."

--Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

A high quality piano in your business can enrich lives, drive traffic to your business, gain positive publicity and elevate cultural life in your community. Nothing has the classic appeal of a vintage Steinway or Mason & Hamlin.

If your organization could benefit from a high quality piano but is not in a position to pay the up-front cost, please call us to discuss the option of leasing.

SunnyBrook Senior Living, the highly regarded senior living communities, recently leased six pianos from SPL. Concerts held at SunnyBrook by professional musicians and aspiring local pianists have made front page news in local and state-wide papers. High quality pianos are creating a distinctive and elevated atmosphere in SunnyBrook communities.

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